Strategic Alpha 
One Step Towards Financial Freedom...

Founder of Strategic Alpha.
Stock Market Mentor for the past 6 years.
Full Time Investor/Trader for the past 14 years

Who is Suyog Dhavan?

Mr. Suyog Dhavan has been in the markets for the past 14 years. He has done many Businesses in his life span, but he always had a keen interest in the Stock markets. While investing and trading in Stock Markets in these years he made lot of mistakes in Stock markets. He lost 42 Lakh to the Stock Markets, went bankrupt and now he has achieved Financial Freedom.  

He Co-Founded Strategic Alpha which is on a mission to change the wealth lives/fortunes of 1Lakh Individuals through the Flagship Mentorship Model, Helping them achieve Financial Freedom through Strategic Alpha Value Investing/Value Trading Framework. 

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